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Care for Wild
11th Jun

Intrinsic are proud to be supporting the gorgeous Lilli and the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary team in South Africa. Sadly, Rhinos are critically endangered due to the illegal poaching crisis. This is serious stuff - a staggering population decline of 95% in the last 50 years!

The illegal demand for rhino horns have driven up the cost to as much as $100,000 per kilogram. It’s an epidemic, and according to the World Wildlife Fund more than 1,050 rhinos were killed in 2016 in South Africa alone.

We’ve seen first-hand the amazing work Care For Wild carry out at rescuing baby rhino orphans who have sadly witnessed their mothers being brutally murdered. The sanctuary provides a safe home for orphaned rhinos to rehabilitate and ultimately be released back in to a safe environment.

Lilli, is a ray of rhino-sunshine! Her strength and bravery is phenomenal and she is continuing to grow well and recently made new friends with her extended rhino-pals Zac, Grey, Spirit and Jemu.

Thank you Care for Wild for all the hard work you do in protecting and saving black and white rhinos from extinction.

We’ll keep you posted on her development. Watch this space for Lilli-updates!
For more information visit the Care for Wild website